According to police, a Las Cruces, New Mexico Subway sandwich shop employee says she allegedly robbed the store she worked at in order to teach a lesson to another employee. 

That justification was reportedly given by 22-year-old Lorena Ariana Marin, who was charged with one count of robbery on Monday night. Also charged with the same crime was her alleged accomplice, 19-year-old Angelo Rey Espinosa.

Police claim the two entered the restaurant at roughly 7 p.m. on Monday evening. Espinosa is said to have stood by the counter as Marin hopped over it and aired verbal and physical threats towards employees. The plan went awry as one such employee escaped to her car while the rest were ushered to the back of the restaurant. At that point both prospective robbers took off on foot.

One of Marin's coworkers told police that they recognized her voice. She, along with Espinosa, was located by a repsonding officer who noticed that the white Kia they were in was "parked suspiciously in the area."

Police say that Marin and Espinosa were apprehended just minutes after the robbery occcurred. 

Marin allegedly confessed, telling the cops that she did it because "she wanted to teach one of the employees a lesson about what could happen late at night in that part of town."

That excuse didn't work.

Both Marin and Espinosa are being held without bail at the moment. If convicted they could get three years in prison, a $5,000 fine, or both.

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