Pigeons have long been in need of a rebrand. 

Sometimes referred to as "rats with wings," the domestic pigeon has unfortunately become an unwelcome sight for people living in the United States. Even Will Smith's character Lance Sterling in the upcoming film Spies in Disguise couldn't hide his contempt when he magically turns into a pigeon of all creatures.  

Sidebar: You could argue that Sterling's gripe is due to just turning into something else in general, but do you really think he would have an issue with transforming into, say, a lion? We're getting off-topic. Let's get back to those sky rats, ahem, pigeons. 

Anyway, what if, and hear me out, you were to randomly see a pigeon wearing a cowboy hat? Now, the same type of bird that you wouldn't even bother to take a second glance at becomes a sight you cannot take your eyes off of. This is exactly what is happening in Las Vegas where someone has been putting custom-made cowboy hats on pigeons, and the response is just as you would expect. 

The often overlooked pigeon is now getting covered by the news. 

People are actually seeking them out.

This bizarre event may be coming to end since Lofty Hopes, a local animal rescue group, is trying to track down the pigeons in cowboy hats over concerns as to how those hats have managed to stay put for several days. "Originally our first thought is that’s kind of cute, then you’re like wait, those are real birds. How did they get those hats on?," Lofty Hopes co-founder Mariah Hillman told Buzzfeed News. "Considering that they’re still on there days later, it seems to be pretty strong glue."

Once caught, Lofty Hopes will either try to delicately remove these pigeons' hats, or keep them in their possession until they molt in the spring. 

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