Popeyes’ chicken sandwich has only been back for a few days and people are already freaking out.

This week, a new viral video shows a white man repeatedly screaming the n-word at another customer in a Popeyes. From the videos, it looked like the man was one of very few non-POC at the location.

In the clip, the man starts screaming “fuck you” in the restaurant. He then continues to scream at the customer, “Don’t you motherfucker, don’t you! Don’t you n****r!” In another clip, he’s heard screaming, “Fucking n****r-ass motherfucker, fucking get out of my way!” 

After his racist tirade was over, he walked out of the store only to be followed, confronted, and made to apologize. “Say sorry right now!” one man says while the white man is seen on the ground. He then yells, “I’m sorry!”

There were also reports that his chicken sandwich was (rightfully) stolen.

Popeyes' infamous chicken sandwich became available again on Nov. 3. The sandwich has also become a full-time menu item, assuming another sell-out doesn't occur.