An Illinois teen and her family are searching for a diagnosis after a traumatic head injury caused the teen's memory to reset "every two hours."

"When she wakes up every morning, she thinks it's June 11th," Sarah Horner, the girl's mother, told regional outlet WQAD-TV.

June 11 is the date Riley Horner sustained the injury, which came about after she was accidentally hit in the head by another student who was crowdsurfing during an FFA State Convention dance. Each morning, according to the report, Riley checks the calendar and is first met with a feeling of confusion. 

"I look and it's September and I'm like, whoa," she explained.

According to her mother, Riley endured "dozens" of seizures and multiple hospital visits connected with the injury, though doctors have yet to land on a conclusion. Initially, a doctor theorized that Riley could have a concussion and placed her on crutches. Now, the family is pushing for actual answers after being told there's "nothing medically wrong."

Six months with short term memory problems, the family noted, has been shown in research to possibly cause permanent damage. "We need help. We need somebody that knows a little bit more because she deserves better," Sarah said of her daughter, who's described in the report as both an athlete and a scholar who has goals of entering the medical field herself.