An unnamed man was disturbed out of his sleep early on Wednesday morning by a noise in his house, according to Tampa, Florida's Fox affiliate. When he went to investigate the sound, he found 19-year-old Gavin Crim in his kitchen cooking himself breakfast.

He then confronted Crim, only to be told "go back to sleep" by the stranger. Instead of following Crim's instructions, the victim called the police, prompting the robber to flee the scene.

Police found Crim hiding in a swamp behind the victim's house, according to Pinellas County investigators. Upon his arrest, Crim admitted to breaking into the house through an unlocked back door around four in the morning. He also confessed to cooking the victim's food once he entered the residence and telling him to return to bed.

Crim's arrest report indicates that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime. Crim is now facing burglary charges for the incident.