Camryn Crowder, 24, of Miamisburg, Ohio, is being called a hero by his friends after surveillance video shows him shielding his girlfriend Brittany Dungey as gunman Connor Betts opened fire in Dayton's Oregon District Sunday morning. 

As Betts fired 41 shots in less than 30 seconds, Crowder can be seen lying over Dungey's body before dragging her behind a concrete planter as he waited for the right moment to flee the scene. 

"I turn my head and I see some guy pointing a gun," Crowder told WHIO-TV News Center 7. "Just to make sure she didn’t get hit. I was pretty much prepared for it. I was just praying like you know, whatever happens, happens at this point."

Despite his heroic efforts, Crowder doesn’t consider himself to be a hero. "I don’t event think I was a hero, just doing what I was supposed to do," he said. "This is my hero," Dungey told Inside Edition of Crowder. "He's the best boyfriend in the world. Absolute best," she added. "Has a big heart and now everybody can finally see that." 

The couple welcomed their child just three weeks ago. The night of the shooting was their first time going out together since becoming parents. 

Betts' younger sister Megan was one of the nine people killed that night.