Much like the haunting presence of The Emoji Movie, the presence of a so-called "Emoji House" in Manhattan Beach has some people feeling less than wonderful.

Per local outlet KCAL, the Manhattan Beach City Council recently heard from apparently disgruntled residents who are demanding that the pink property adorned with a pair of emoji remove said emoji as quickly as possible. Per these people who presumably enjoy homes of a more boring, character-free nature, the emoji aesthetic is somehow a "public nuisance" and will ultimately drive down property value estimates in the region.

The pink paint job and emoji adornment, at least according to other residents in the area, only came after owner Kathryn Kidd was fined $4,000 for not following legalities regarding short-term rentals.

One neighbor, identified in the report as Dina Doll, said the message sent by the emoji choices is "not even ambiguous" and "violates every sense of common decency." Some neighbors have even pointed to an Instagram post from the @ztheart account as backing up this assessment of the emoji messaging.

Kidd has a different interpretation. "It's a message to me to be positive and happy and love life," Kidd said.

Current year-long lease resident of the home Edward Averday, meanwhile, has no complaints.