Olivia Jade has become serious tabloid fodder since her mother Lori Loughlin was implicated in that college admissions bribery scandal. The social media influencer has had enough of seeing her name in headlines and she took to her preferred platform to voice it. Jade flipped the bird to gossip publications, tagging People, TMZ, Perez Hilton, and the Daily Mail in a photo of herself throwing both middle fingers up. 

She also mocked the typical language of websites that rely on anonymous tipsters, writing out the phrase "close source says" in hashtags.  


The post may well be in response to a story from Entertainment Tonight. They reported that Jade was returning to her life as a social media influencer, even after brands like Sephora dropped her in the wake of the "Operation Varsity Blues" sting. 

"Olivia has no plans to return to USC. She never wanted to attend USC to begin with, and now she is sure that USC isn’t the place for her. Right now her goal is to rebuild her brand and her business,” one of those unnamed sources said.  

Since the news of the college admissions scandal broke, rumors have swirled suggesting Jade knew about the misdeeds of her mother. An anonymous insider told Us Weekly that Jade was fully aware of the bribery that led to her acceptance into USC. Jade was reportedly on a yacht that belonged to the chairman of the USC Board of Trustees when news of the scandal broke.