If people leave babies on doorsteps expecting someone to raise them, then maybe TV Man is leaving old tubes on porches hoping someone will watch them.

Earlier this week, ABC reported that over 50 old, box set TVs were left on random people's porches in Henrico County, Virginia. While this seems like either a blessing or a minor inconvenience, things got weird when doorbell surveillance footage revealed that the person who left the TVs was wearing a TV on his head.

This is not the first time the culprit—who has been dubbed TV Man—has made an appearance. Henrico residents were first introduced to TV Man over a year ago after he dropped off 12 vintage tubes in a nearby neighborhood. Although Henrico Police are investigating the situation, authorities believe that this is merely a prank pulled off by a college student and it isn't targeting anyone. In fact, the only crime the culprit broke was illegal dumping. 

"At most this seems to be more an inconvenience to the community," an officer told ABC before revealing that the department and other community workers spent the rest of the day driving through the neighborhood collecting the TV sets. Like the police, Henrico residents seem to be more intrigued by the concept than actually figuring out who it is. 

"He's committed to his trade," homeowner, Jim Brooksbank said. "It's summer, and people are getting ready to go back to school. Maybe TV Man was just ready to strike and put a little humor in our lives."

"I thought my son brought it home," another Henrico resident, Michael Kroll, said. "They had way too much time on their hands if they had all these TV's and spread them all over the neighborhood... I think it's just a prank. Some college students who are just bored."