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Jeffrey Epstein's camp is not buying the official line that the sex offender and hedge fund manager committed suicide in his jail cell. TMZ reports that sources close to Epstein are peeved that the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center isn't being forthcoming with information about Epstein's death

The website claims their sources are reaching out to medical examiners and jail officials and not getting the info they need to reach their own conclusions about how Epstein died. They also question the reported fractures in Epstein's neck, saying they point toward a possible murder instead of suicide. While those fractures in his neck are found in cases of strangulation, they aren't entirely unheard of in hangings.

Epstein's autopsy revealed that his hyoid bone was broken. The small bone near the Adam's apple can break during strangulation, but is also known to break in hangings. The risk of this bone breaking is stronger in older people who hang themselves. The break still piqued Epstein's team's interest.

The fact that both guards tasked with watching Epstein were reportedly asleep also reportedly made Epstein's team suspicious. And they aren't alone in that. Attorney General William Barr has called out the irregularities in the jail's story.

Epstein was taken off of suicide watch mere weeks after he reportedly attempted to kill himself in the same facility. The billionaire was also allegedly threatened by other inmates prior to his death. All of this adds up to a healthy amount of mistrust in the official story from Epstein's camp.