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In the latest edition of nature proving itself to be unforgiving, Italy is currently being hit with severe storms that have resulted in floods and other freak weather. Thunderstorms have been rocking the Adriatic Coast in Italy, forcing tourists to flee beaches, while there's also been tornados and a beach fire. Scarier yet, hospital officials in Pescara have said that hailstorms have caused some nasty injuries to at least 18 people, according to the Associated Press, with some residents reporting hail the size of oranges.

The hail also reportedly broke windows and car windshields, proving how deadly the weather really is. While the hail hit around south and central Italy, the beach fire and tornado struck Sicily in the south. The wind reportedly whipped the fire around, as the Local noted, forcing tourists and locals to evacuate. 

Meanwhile, a high number of Republicans in the United States still believe that climate change isn't real. 

In other crazy weather news, the Mexican city of Guadalajara was hit with severe hail storms earlier this month. The Jalisco state capital was covered in three feet of ice, despite recently experience temperatures in the 80 degrees Fahrenheit range.