El Chapo escaped from prison again in July 2015. This time, he got creative. His men dug a mile-long tunnel that ended under his cell's shower. Late in the evening Chapo dropped down into the tunnel and rode a makeshift motorcycle down the length of the tunnel, to freedom.

This was Antiplano, a maximum security Mexican prison. The escape was a tremendous embarrassment to the government, and the investigation afterwards proved even moreso. Unedited footage suggested that the prison guards had ignored the loud banging of El Chapo being broken out of his cell; he had turned the television volume up in an attempt to drown it out, but it was still audible on tape.

The guards also lingered after discovering El Chapo had escaped, and did not immediately climb down the hole after him. This raised questions about collusion, especially since the hole was in the only blind spot of the cell not under video surveillance. All told, 34 people were arrested in connection with the escape.