People Are Gushing Over This Dad Talking to His Baby

You aren't ready.

dad baby

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dad baby

Every once in a while, the internet provides a beam of pure warmth for all of us to melt over. This video of a father talking to his infant about television, holding a full conversation that's based around exciting gestures and babbling, is one such thing. 

People around the internet have been looping, sharing, and gushing over the video all day. While it starts with the son dropping a definitive "No!" to his dad's ideas, the rest of the clip consists of them agreeing in their own way. 

Highlights include dad and son commiserating over the idea that the season finale of their show might do something crazy, the dad conceding that they think a lot alike and the son flexing his word knowledge with a drop of "bye bye."

The clip put people in two kinds of mood: being happy over the idea of babies or needing to have a child right this very instant.

Of course, the baby's expressive face was tailor-made for memes. 

Though the baby is the obvious star, plenty people were praising the dad for talking to his child like this and teaching conversational skills. 

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