A 23-year-old man was arrested over the weekend in Fresno, California for allegedly striking a baby in the head while shooting into a vehicle. According to police, the man fired the shots after his unwanted advances against the baby's 18-year-old mother were rejected, who was inside the car at the time with her baby and a friend.

In a statement on the attack, which occurred early Sunday, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told Fresno Bee that the baby's parents were "broken" by what had transpired. 

"They are hurting," Dyer said, noting that the baby girl—10-month-old Fayth Percy—was now in critical but stable condition in a regional hospital. "We held hands at the hospital and prayed for the baby, and we're asking that everyone in this community come together and pray for baby Fayth for a complete recovery."

Marcos Antonio Echartea, the suspect, has been described by authorities as having shown no remorse for the shooting. According to police, Deziree Menagh had allegedly been harassed by Echartea at a family birthday gathering, where authorities say he tried to grab her hand and later told her to "sit in his lap."

The mother ultimately left the residence with a male friend, with the car in park when Echartea quickly approached the vehicle and—when he got close—firing three handgun rounds into the driver’s side window. Per Dyer, one of those rounds hit the baby while she was being held by Menagh in the front passenger seat. 

Echartea, who was also wanted for a May shooting, was ultimately arrested on suspicion of three attempted murder counts.