An Atlanta mailman is saying goodbye to a job he's worked for 35 years, and members of the community he serviced made sure to show their immense grattitude.

A thread posted by Twitter user @Jennifer__Brett went viral, detailing the story of Floyd Martin, an employee of USPS for over three decades. On May 22, she followed him through the neighborhood as he worked his last shift.

"Floyd Martin retires after nearly 35 years as a mailman tomorrow. I went with him on his route today," said Brett. She says after Martin graduated high school in 1975, he was offered at job at both the bank and the postal service, but took the latter because of a significantly higher pay. He has served the community in Marietta ever since then.

The thread continues to illustrate how Martin became a neighborhood staple, as the residents, who shared several anectdotes, lined up to celebrate him on his last of service.

As a token of appreciation members of the community set up a GoFundMe account for the retired postman, in an effort to help him go on his dream vacation to Hawaii.

After achieving the targeted amount in just two hours, the campaign has managed to raise close to $17,800 in six hours. An update of the donation page reads, "To say we are humbled by the generosity of others is a complete understatement. Our original goal was reached in less than 2 hours, and through social media, we have been contacted by celebrities, national news outlets, and Delta has generously offered Mr. Floyd airfare to Hawaii so the funds raised can be for the time on the island. Thank you so much for everything!"