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An Arby’s manager in Oklahoma reportedly shot and killed a customer after he spat on her and continued to threaten her, Buzzfeed News reports.

According to the outlet, after committing the act, the manager, 25-year-old Deionna Young, returned to Arby’s and completed her shift. She has since been charged with first-degree murder after confessing to Tulsa police that she shot 25-year-old Desean Tallent.

Officers initially responded to a call about a car that had crashed into a Walmart store entrance just before 8 p.m. on Saturday. They then discovered Tallent in his car with a gunshot wound in his chest; he later died.

Detectives found on surveillance footage that Tallent had gotten into an argument at the Arby’s and then threatened Young and spit in her face. Tallent then “promised to come back and hurt her, and about an hour later, came back,” the police shared in a statement.

Tallent started to drive off, so Young got in her car and followed him down the street. The two drivers were “playing cat and mouse,” according to the police. Then, Young allegedly shot Tallent and went back to work.

After confessing to the police, Young alleged that she destroyed the weapon and will show the authorities “where she dumped the gun parts,” the police also said in a statement.

Tulsa World reports that Young doesn’t have a gun license and that she was being held without bond at the county jail. An Arby’s spokesperson told Buzzfeed that “the franchise owner is cooperating with authorities as they conduct an investigation.”