The AirPod craze took a weird, but functional turn when a woman turned the wireless headphones into a pair of earrings so that she wouldn't lose them. 

On Saturday (Jan. 29), Twitter was set ablaze when one innovative user displayed her latest creation: the AirPod earrings.

The reactions to the tweet led Buzzfeed to track down the genius behind this creation, Gabriella Reilly, just to find that her cat inspired the fashionable invention.

"I absolutely refuse to lose them," Reilly said. "My cat ate through two pairs of Beats Bluetooth earphones, and all my other earphones. So I got the AirPods because there was no wire for her to chew but I still needed something to connect them."

Reilly's sensible approach to jewelry has led many to want a pair of their own. Because of this, Reilly did what any great Twitter user should. She branded her pieces as "Airrings," created a website, and now she is selling the custom accessories for upon order.