Who would've thought that things in this country could get as insane as they've been over the last couple of years? Nothing's been easy in America, but this new regime has stirred up new forms of ignorance and frustration across the country. With our parents and grandparents unable to get us out of the clutches of Trump's America, it's high time for the young to rise up and figure out how to push the rest of the world out of this mess.

That kind of movement was the focus of ComplexCon 2018's Growth Out of Chaos panel, moderated by Baltimore's own DeRay Mckesson, himself a civil rights activist looking to innovate. He was joined by Alencia Johnson, director of public engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund; black-ish and grown-ish star  Yara Shahidi, who founded Eighteen X 18; and Noor Tagouri, a journalist placing politics and people front and center. They were joined by Jaden Smith, who linked with G-Star to create Forces of Nature, a line that makes new pieces out of sustainable materials. He's also co-founder of JUST Water, an ethically sourced bottled water company.

Their discussion touched on everything from voters' rights to the concept of self-agency. Get enlightened, get educated, and, more importantly, get involved. Stream the full panel above.