Remember the Yanny/Laurel debate that turned brother against brother earlier this year? Remember how we all said, "This is cool but it could use 100 percent more Muppets cursing?"

Our prayers have finally been answered with a Sesame Street clip featuring an enthusiastic Grover potentially dropping the F-bomb. 

Depending on where your head is at, the video shows Grover saying either "Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea" or "Yes, yes, that's a fucking excellent idea." Try to keep both interpretations in mind. 

Confused Redditors pointed out that you can force your brain to hear either version with a little focus. 


And others took the opportunity to bring up old internet illusions and the fights they created.  Takes on the Spinning Girl, The Dress, and Laurel vs. Yanny were all trotted out. One poster even went ancient and dropped a supposedly helpful link to explain the phenomenon that lead straight to Rick Astley.




We heard the intended message the first time through, because we're God-fearing Muppet watchers in these parts. But with a little coaxing, it's easy to hear both. Give it a listen yourself and see if you can hear a Muppet swearing.

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