We all know fresh kicks and slow drip coffees weren’t explicitly included in your budget spreadsheet this month, but as a full-fledged, grown ass individual with a paycheck, you’re entitled to spend your green however you please. Sure, there are more important essential payments to make every month—rent, transportation, credit cards—but after all of your most necessary bills are covered, what are you willing to treat yourself to? What do you indulge in? What makes you say, “Fuck it, I’m buying that”?

It can feel like a real Sophie’s Choice deciding which luxuries are worth your bottom dollar. Feeling guilty for spending money on just about anything outside of the necessities can feel like a total waste, and there always seems to be an emergency expense right after you splurge. Just finished your shopping spree? Well, karma’s got its kiss for you, and there’s a flat tire waiting for you in the parking lot! But it’s your birthright to spend the money you earn however you see fit, because you were born into capitalism, and falling in line with consumerist values by purchasing cool stuff is truly the only coping mechanism.

That being said, there’s always good reason to spend a little more dinero on certain goods and services that make you feel better, even if it’s only for a brief, fleeting moment. Whether you have a Cardi-esque attitude towards money or you’re as responsible with your earnings as the absolute dorks who have been returning some of the $300,000 that spilled out of a Brinks truck on a New Jersey highway, here are our suggestions for what you should spend your money on.