You just can't help some people. After New Jersey commuters snagged around $300,000 that fell out of a Brinks truck onto a highway, authorities are reporting that close to half of that money has made its way to the police. 

East Rutherford Police claim that over $120,000 has been turned in by drivers who braved rush-hour traffic to pick it up. 

“Most of the people are just saying it was the right thing to do and it was a weight on their shoulder,” East Rutherford Police Capt. Phillip Taormina told NBC News.

The money spilled from the truck after its rear door malfunctioned and flew open. Two sacks of cash, containing $140,000 and $370,000, fell out onto Route 3. According to Brinks, $205,000 of the cash was collected at the scene with "good Samaritans" helping the delivery truck personnel to collect cash. 

Video from the incident showed plenty of commuters dodging oncoming cars to snag cash off of the roadway and the confusion lead to two separate crashes. The East Rutherford PD reports that $188,955 is still missing. At the time of the incident, detectives urged anyone with information about the money to come forward. 

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