The youth of today are going to have to deal with the mistakes of their elders for many years to come, including climate change, crippling debt, and *checks notes* Sour Patch Kids cereal?

Forget about sex robots or genetically modified babies, science has officially gone too far by turning a pretty good candy into a breakfast cereal, and apparently it’s going to taste exactly how you might expect. According to Bustle, the fruity cereal, comes in “kid”-shaped pieces with “a sour coating and a sweet finish.”

Lee Breslouer from Thrillist claims the cereal “nailed the sour flavors,” likening it to “Sour Patch Fruity Pebbles.” But no bowl of cereal is truly worth while without leaving behind a delicious milky broth. On that front, Breslouer says “the milk does not get sour,” but “retain[s] an artificial tartness that tastes pretty good.”

So maybe it's not that bad after all, but these folks definitely still need some convincing:

For all y'all daredevils interested in trying it out, the cereal hits shelves exclusively at Walmart (where else?) on Dec. 26. 

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