Thieves managed to walk off with thousands of dollars of Louis Vuitton merchandise, simply by telling people they worked for the Louis store.

According to San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO, the conspirators made off with merch intended for the store by calling UPS and feeding them some false information. They said that the basement of the store where the stock was kept had flooded and requested that UPS halt all deliveries to the store. 

After that, one of the thieves showed up to the UPS Center, told them he was from the high-end retailer and walked out the door with their deliveries.   

"The police department received a report from a local shipping company that some high-end merchandise destined for a U.S. retailer had been stolen" was all that the local police would say of the incident. 

KGO spoke to a former FBI agent named Rick Smith, who said that UPS had to have dropped the ball on some of their security protocols for the heist to happen. 

"There's got to be some sort of process, security procedures for contacting the vendor and then confirming that they had a problem with their water problem there," he said. 

Both the Louis Vuitton store in question and UPS are unwilling to comment on the theft. The exact amount of Louis Vuitton that was stolen in the simple yet ingenious heist hasn't been revealed, but KGO reports that the thieves stole three days worth of shipments totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of expensive bags and clothing.