In case you thought otherwise, Crocs and crocodiles don’t mix. At least not if the Crocs are being worn by a human man.

But for some reason, a Florida man (who else?) decided to leap into a crocodile pit sporting a pair of the comfortable eyesores in the middle of the night. Reporter Ryan Nelson got ahold of surveillance footage from St. Augustine Alligator Farm where this took place.

In the grainy black and white footage, a man is seen jumping, then falling into the water of the crocodile exhibit, where three 12-foot long Nile crocodiles live. He was reportedly in the pit for about four hours.

When employees of the farm arrived in the morning, they noticed that several lamps and signs were broken, and a statue in the middle of the crocodile pit was toppled. Park director John Bruggen told local Action News in Jacksonville that the pair of Crocs and shorts were discovered floating inside the pit, and the staff also found lots of blood.

"I would think he's on some sort of drugs," Bruggen told Action News Jax. "I'm concerned about an individual who literally climbs up a wall that's meant to keep you from crocodiles and leaps over the wall into the water with them."

Police already think they have the culprit, since a man in boxers turned up nearby with several crocodile​​​​​​ bites on his feet. Perhaps someone should warn Post Malone.

The man was arrested, which means he probably didn't get a chance to vote today, but you still have time!