While watching Saturday Night Live's parody of celebrity 'get out the vote' efforts, it may seem obvious that you shouldn't exercise your democratic right just because Emma Stone told you to. Despite it seeming laughably calculated, it's better to be a celebrity who uses their platform to disseminate useful information, than one who devotes their time to promoting appetite-suppressing lollipops

The wave of celebrity political activism may be new for someone like Taylor Swift, however people like Chance The Rapper and Leonardo DiCaprio have tapped into their fan bases in the past to discuss issues that matter to them most. That's not to say that Taylor's efforts mean any less than similar call-to-action pleas, after all, her lengthy Instagram post endorsing Tennessee Democrats was followed by a 65,000-person spike in national voter registration.

So, in case you need another reminder as to why the midterm elections matter more this year than perhaps any other, check out the celebrities who want you to vote this November 6th.