Two vehicles collided on Saturday outside the Apple Barrel Country Store in Schoharie, New York. New York State Police confirmed 20 people dead, according to the New York Times.

The manager of the Appel Barrel store, Jessica Kirby, told NYT that a limousine drove fast down the hill on Route 30 when it crashed into another vehicle and numerous customers in the store's parking lot. "All fatal. That limo was coming down that hill probably over 60 mph," she explained in a phone interview. "I don't want to describe the scene. It's not something I want to think about."

The crash reportedly occurred around 2 p.m. on Saturday, with the New York State Police and Schoharie County Sheriff's Office both responding to the scene. Kirby says she was unable to make out the other vehicle involved in the collision, saying it was too much of "a mess" for her to be truly certain.

State police have not released the names of the victims. A team from the National Transportation Safety Board has been sent to investigate, and are expected to arrive at the scene sometime on Sunday. "We've heard accidents before," Kirby said of the crash, explaining that she called 911 immediately after seeing the scene following a loud bang. "You know that sound when it happens."