YouTube tried to pull a fast one on its competitor Twitch by temporarily deleting accounts that used their videos to promote Twitch streams, according to a report from Engadget.

Linus Tech Tips, Surny, and Aztrosizt are some of the accounts that complained about having their videos and channels terminated, even though they technically didn’t violate any of the platform’s terms of service. YouTube seems to now be enforcing these aggressive terminations, instead of issuing strikes, because well, the company is being petty against its competitor.

All the accounts have since been restored. YouTube chose not to comment on these complaints, but rather claim that “you can absolutely create videos that promote or link to Twitch,” per one tweet.

But people are still skeptical, considering the company will not outline what would be an appropriate level of promotion before YouTube decides to pull content. As YouTube tries to engage with the gaming world and Twitch moves away into new non-gaming territory, the feud is likely to rage on with more accounts on both platforms getting caught in the crosshairs.