Netflix Beats Cable, Hulu, YouTube as Most Popular Way to Watch TV

The subscription streaming service has beat out traditional cable, broadcast television networks, YouTube, and Hulu to reign supreme in living rooms across the country.

A new study shows Netflix reigns supreme in living rooms across the country. As pointed out by Variety, Wall Street firm Cowen & Co. surveyed 2,500 adult U.S. consumers in May and found the streaming service tops traditional cable and broadcast television networks, as well as YouTube and Hulu, as America's No. 1 TV choice.

The study asked participants, “Which platforms do you use most often to view video content on TV?” 

Netflix received 27 percent of the total responses, with basic cable coming in second at 20 percent, broadcast at 18 percent, and YouTube at 11 percent. But when looking specifically at millennial audiences (18-34), Netflix blows its competition out of the water. Almost 40 percent of young adults say Netflix is their go-to choice for watching TV—more than double that of YouTube at 17 percent, with basic cable at 12.6 percent, Hulu at 7.6 percent, broadcast TV at 7.5 percent, and 3.4 percent for Amazon Prime.

Even though this is just a small sample size of consumers, analyst John Blackledge, the lead author of the report, expects the Netflix to report 1.2 million new U.S. subscribers on July 16, per Deadline. It seems paying billions of dollars to create original content is actually paying off, and the streaming service isn’t just taking over stateside.

“Netflix continues to ramp its original content offering, including local originals in many international markets,” Blackledge wrote. The increase in original content “is driving near-term sub growth and longer-term sets up the company to be a leading content producer in many of the largest international markets.”

Companies like Apple and Disney are currently in the process of creating their own competitive streaming services with original content, but in the meantime it looks like Netflix will remain in the top spot as it continues to grow and put out new content. Binge on.

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