Unfortunately, we have a new entry in the long and tired history of people fucking with one of nature's most unfuckwithable creatures, the shark.

34-year-old Perth resident Melissa Brunning was on vacation in Dugong Bay when she decided, albeit illogically, to hand-feed some tawny nurse sharks. While the quality of the snacks Brunning was attempting to serve the elasmobranch fish is unknown, one shark was damn near able to procure an impromptu meal of human finger.


"I came up and I said 'I've lost my finger' and I couldn't even look at my finger because I thought it was gone, and I thought if I looked at it I'd probably go into shock," the vacationing attempted shark-feeder said, according to KTRK News. The finger, however, survived the surprise chomp-and-pull. Brunning ultimately got away with a torn ligament and a fracture.

Catch video of the inane incident below. Please ignore words like "shocking" and whatnot, as this is basically just footage of a shark behaving exactly as one might expect a shark to behave. Similarly, this is also rather unremarkable footage of a human behaving exactly as one might expect a human to behave.

In a groundbreaking piece of advice quoted by CNN, Brunning urged other would-be shark-feeders to be "mindful of your surroundings" by, you know, NOT FEEDING SHARKS.

After all, the only sharks one can safely feed can be found—as previously reported—as a motley crew of crime-battling hybrids on the short-lived American-Canadian classic Street Sharks. Feed them your time and nostalgic energy, without risk of a chomp-and-pull.