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On the same day Sonic announced the launch of its new *gags loudly* pickle juice slush slop concoction, IHOP—formerly known as the preferred dwelling spot for pancakes—unveiled the acronym behind its new name.

IHOb, disappointingly, does not stand for International House of Blink-182 Cover Bands. Instead, the b—which the company swears is a flipped p—stands for burgers. The idea of earnestly going to an IHOP IHOb for a goddamn burger doesn't exactly do it for me, but I digress.

Here's an actual excerpt from the press release IHOb sent out Monday, on the off chance that you're into this sort of thing:

According to a company spokesburger, "These burgers are so burgerin' good, we re-burgered our name to the International House of Burgers!"

The apparent pancake experts over at Wendy's and What-A-Burger have already issued their responses, neither of which include the announcement of their own name change. While whoever's running the What-A-Burger Twitter kept their reaction fairly congenial, the Wendy's handle decided that a full-on roast was in order. 

The name change is apparently tied to the launch of the new Ultimate Steakburger line, which tragically does not include pancake buns or maple-infused patties. Even more tragically, they aren't even including the Impossible Burger on their new roster.