If you've seen Ocean's 8 and have since been thinking about doing a heist yourself, definitely don't do that—especially if you're planning on hitting Columbus, Ohio. One quick-witted bank teller from the city managed to persuade a robber to give up his driver’s license before robbing the bank so that police could be called. 

According to AP, a man walked into a bank earlier this month and slipped a bank teller a note saying that he was armed and demanded money. The teller proceeded to give him a stack of cash, but the robber wanted even more from the “electronic cash recycle machine in the bank’s lobby.”

Keeping his cool, the teller told the man that this machine required a driver’s license to dispense the cash. Of course, the robber believed him and gave up his ID. The teller then called the police. The 51-year-old robber was arrested about a week later and charged with aggravated robbery and threatening with a deadly weapon.