Christopher Wylie, the man responsible for blowing the lid off the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 Trump campaign, has come forward with another incredible revelation. The whistleblower is now alleging that his predecessor, Dan Muresan, was poisoned in a hotel room in Kenya. Wylie also says police were bribed not to investigate the murder.

If Wylie is to believed, Cambridge Analytica is basically a lawless company run by thugs. “[T]hey don't care whether or not it's legal as long as it gets the job done," he said.

Wylie says the political consultancy group used a number of highly questionable and disturbing tactics to sway elections around the globe, including the controversial Brexit vote. For example, Wylie says Cambridge Analytica sent videos featuring people who were “dismembered, had their throats cut, bled to death in a ditch, and burnt alive” to intimidate Nigerian voters.

As far as the murder is concerned, Wylie said it was a result of a “deal [that] went sour.” He said of his predecessor: "What I heard was that he was working on some kind of deal of some sort. I'm not sure what kind of deal it is. But when you work for senior politicians in a lot of these countries you don't actually make money in the electoral work—you make money in the influence brokering after the fact—and that a deal went sour."

However, Wylie says he has no proof of his claims, just that he heard about the incident from people who worked for the firm. “People suspected he was poisoned in his bedroom," he said. Wylie also alleges that police were "bribed not to enter his hotel room for 24 hours."