Study Confirms Previous Research That Shows Binge-Watching Can Raise Risk of Blood Clots

Sorry, Netflix-and-chill lovers.

Image Of Hand Holding Remote Control In Front Of Television Set

Image Of Hand Holding Remote Control In Front Of Television Set

Image Of Hand Holding Remote Control In Front Of Television Set

One of the best parts of living in our modern society is that we have the pleasure to watch nearly any television show or movie anytime we want. But our obsessive love for binge-watching can possibly end badly.

According to a study by University of Minnesota, binge-watching can put our health at risk. The analysis was conducted on about 15,000 adults divided into four groups based on how they watched television. People who like to watch television "very often" have a 1.7 times higher risk of developing venous thromboembolism (VTE) clots in the legs and pulmonary embolisms. VTE is also know as deep vein thrombosis. This definitely isn't the best time to be hearing this, as I am currently binge-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt from my couch as I type this article.

The potential of getting these fatal blood clots comes from sitting for long periods of time and impaired circulation that cannot be quickly fixed by exercising. This means it's not the television itself that specifically leads to these health problems, which is some kind of relief. It could also come from constantly sitting at your desk at work all day. The demographic at the highest risk are adults over the age of 60. Estimates suggest that up to 300,000 people in the U.S. can suffer from VTE annually. 

“Even individuals who regularly engage in physical activity should not ignore the potential harms of prolonged sedentary behaviors such as TV viewing,” said Dr. Yasuhiko Kubota, the study’s lead researcher. 

This isn't the first time the topic has been studied. Previous research has come to similar conclusions. 

So definitely reconsider how fast you speed through the latest season of Black Mirror and ask yourself this if that Netflix and chill session is worth it. 

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