In a time where all social media platforms seem to mesh together with the same features, Snapchat is the black sheep.

Particularly, the tech company isn't following the trend of allowing users to broadcast live on their mobile devices. TechCrunch reports Snapchat announced today it would include NBC's live Olympics coverage in its app. However, a Snapchat spokesperson specified a livestream feature will not be rolled out to all users. The company doesn't find the feature useful to all users. 

There is some truth in Snapchat's understanding of consumer behavior. Since allowing its users to livestream, Facebook has gotten into some legal battles over allowing controversial content to be broadcasted. For instance, the family of the 73-year-old Cleveland man murdered by the Facebook Killer filed a lawsuit against Facebook on Jan. 19. Additionally, Facebook released its fourth-quarter reports last week, revealing the site experienced a major decline in daily user activity.

So is Snapchat taking advantage of Facebook's slow decline? Probably not.

Snapchat stressed that providing snippets from broadcasted programs, such as major sporting events and awards shows has cultural value. While the company's new feature will not include comprehensive, full coverage of these events, it will include hot and newsworthy moments helping to summarize the proceedings for those who didn't watch the full program.

Meanwhile, Instagram announced last week that it will launch pre-scheduled posting, which will roll out to all users by early next year.