Today in weird church scandal news, a vicar for the Church of England was found smoking crack and talking about prostitutes, according to UK’s The Sun.

The vicar, or representative of the Church, is Reverend Stennett Kirby. Footage shows the East London vicar snorting cocaine, smoking crack cocaine, and telling his friend, “I’m a very happy man.” He also talks about watching porn, purchasing liquid poppers in central London, and wanting to hire an escort, according to a video shared via The Sun on Sunday. “I wish I could,” he said in regards to hiring a prostitute. “If I had money, I would. I've only got £10 left.”

Kirby has been the vicar of West Ham Parish Church in Stratford since 2007.

During Sunday morning’s service, Reverend Stephen Chandler, an associate minister, shared the news with the congregation. “By now many of you may have heard of an article which has appeared online today concerning your vicar, the Rev Stennett Kirby,” he said, according to Daily Mail. “I am trying to support Stennett pastorally at this demanding time for him and he is very much in my prayers and Bishop Stephen's [of Chelmsford], as are you all here at All Saints. The article contains serious allegations with regard to drug taking and other matters of an ethical nature. These allegations will now be investigated by the archdeacon.”

The Church of England has said it is investigating the claims. In the meantime, Kirby is living in a £1.5million house owned by the Diocese of Chelmsford.