Move over, men. When the apocalypse comes, women will be more likely to survive than their male counterparts, according to a new study.

Scientists over at the University of Southern Denmark analyzed times of feast or famine in the past 300 years including the Swedish famine of 1772-1773, life expectancy of enslaved people in Trinidad in 1813, the 1845 Irish potato famine, the measles epidemic in Iceland in 1842 and 1882, as well as the 1933 Ukraine famine. And there was always one truth that remained true, on average: women lived longer than men. And this is regardless of age as well.

To determine the result, the scientists gathered birth and death records from the tragic periods in time. This doesn't come as much of a surprise though, since on average women live longer than men. (In the U.S., women are expected to live up to 86.6 years of age while men are expected to make it to 84.3 years.)

But other than every women being a badass like Michonne in an The Walking Dead-esque apocalyptic world, there's another reason for them surviving and thriving. 

"Most of the female advantage was due to differences in mortality among infants: baby girls were able to survive harsh conditions better than baby boys." Read the entire study here.