The Walking Dead has lost its former luster thanks, in part, to some pretty inconsistent writing and over-long stretches where plenty of nothing happens. The most infamous example of the drama’s shortcomings is still the season six finale, where the writers’ thought it would be a good idea to make an episode leading up to the villain Negan’s murders and not actually show who ends up at the wrong end of that bat until the following season. The Walking Dead hasn’t really bounced back from the misbegotten choice: Critics’ enthusiasm has diminished, and the ratings have declined.

However, this is still The Walking Dead, an AMC centerpiece with a fervent fanbase. The series is headed into its eighth season this fall with no end in sight: Our hero Rick Grimes still has to deal with Negan, and there are still all those walkers that are ruining human civilization to be worried about. The show's season count will likely go into the double digits, and The Walking Dead will at least remain palatable thanks to its characters, one of the show’s main strengths. The characters have, for the most part, been memorable, an achievement when you take the cast’s wide breadth into account. Over the past eight seasons, we’ve seen cannibals, a dude named T-Dog (rest in peace), and a pizzaboy-turned-pizzaman. Many have left an indelible impression, regardless of whether or not it’s good or bad.

That said, some Walking Dead cast members are better than others. Out of a cast that includes dozens of nameable apocalypse survivors, the Top 10 Walking Dead Characters stood out thanks to their relatability, their knack for a good quip, and how many living and zombie bodies they caught (so, yes, Michonne is on the list). Check out who makes the cut below. Keep in mind there are some heavy spoilers to follow.