Netflix announced through Twitter that it would stand behind the Internet Association’s attempt to protect Net Neutrality. “In 2018, the Internet is united in defense of net neutrality,” the streaming service tweeted.

The Internet Association is the leading lobbyist for some of the internet’s biggest companies, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Paypal, and over 40 others. In a statement, Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman announced that the group intends to intervene with judicial actions following the Federal Communications Commission's recent decision to repeal Obama era consumer protections. “This rule defies the will of a bipartisan majority of Americans and fails to preserve a free and open internet,” Beckerman said in the statement. “IA intends to act as an intervenor in judicial action against this order and, along with our member companies, will continue our push to restore strong, enforceable net neutrality protections through a legislative solution.”

Though the Internet Association isn’t filing any lawsuits itself, it will serve a role in combating the decision by helping other companies file arguments for the coming case, according to Recode. Companies wanting to file lawsuits challenging the FCC decision are currently waiting for Chairman Ajit Pai’s repeal to be published in the Federal Register.

When the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality in December, Netflix was among the first major companies to condemn the move. “We're disappointed iyou sevn the decision to gut #NetNeutrality protections that ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation, creativity & civic engagement," the company tweeted. It appears the streaming service is now gearing up to be a part of that legal battle.