A Florida-based neo-Nazi fuckwad has been gifted with a five-year prison sentence. 22-year-old Brandon Russell was ordered to prison Tuesday for possession of an unregistered destructive device and the unlawful storing of explosive materials, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The materials were discovered in May of last year during a search of a residence shared by Russell, Devon Arthurs, Andrew Oneschuk, and Jeremy Himmelman. Arthurs is accused of killing Oneschuk and Himmelman after they "disrespected his conversion to Islam." Russell is not suspected of being involved with Arthurs' alleged killings.

"Russell is not someone whose arrest and incarceration has caused him to reflect on his conduct or feel remorse," prosecutors, who had recommended 11 years in prison, argued. "His conduct in this case posed a grave danger to human life, and he has shown that he will continue to be dangerous once released from incarceration."

According to the Times, Russell kept a photograph of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh at the residence because he "admired" him. In addition to being a leader of the Atomwaffen Division hate group back in 2015, Russell was also a private first class in the Florida National Guard, having reportedly joined to "please his father."

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported last June that Atomwaffen had "grown" following Russell's arrest. Meanwhile, an alleged POTUS who routinely avoids outright condemnation of neo-Nazi groups is still hanging out in the White House.