Nothing burns up a shit-for-brains conservative quite like the word "socialist."

In a must-read article for CNN Monday, John Blake highlighted three ways the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. "speaks to our time," including his mastery at never letting political disagreements get "nasty" and his influence on the environmental justice activists of today.

Blake also discussed how King "was a socialist before it was cool," citing self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders' popularity and a growing "distrust" of capitalistic ideas:

"The reasons why some millennials prefer socialism have been documented. Lingering scars from the Great Recession; staggering student debt; the greatest economic inequality since before the Great Depression—all have contributed to an unease about capitalism. King had similar misgivings."

Immediately, conservatives—including proven idiots like Joe "I'm Grabbing My Musket" Walsh—jumped to conclusions and chimed in with tweeted poppycock: 

Walsh’s other tweeted thoughts surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018 include "I have a dream that one day young black men in Chicago and Baltimore will stop killing each other" and a retweet of his own tweet from just one day earlier in which he mocked the LGBTQ community.

Back in July 2016, Walsh tweeted out a threat of violence aimed at President Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter activists.

Dude's a dumbfuck.