Burger King is probably the last place anyone would go to get a political explainer, especially one that covers the recent repeal of net neutrality. But as Mashable points out, the fast food joint is committed to educating the masses on changes that could disrupt the internet as we know it.

In a video published Wednesday, Burger King uses its Whopper to explain what’s at stake. The store decides to change Whopper prices to determine to how fast the customers will receive them: $4.95 for slow MBPS, $12.95 for faster service, and $25.99 for the fastest service. MBPS, as one employee explains, is the “Making Burgers Per Second” rate. Customers who didn’t want to pay a whopping $25.99 for their Whopper got pissed while employees explained that because of “Whopper Neutrality” changes, they’ll just have to wait. "Whopper neutrality was repealed," one BK employee says. "They voted on it."

Meanwhile, one customer gets his burger faster than the rest because he was willing to pay for a faster MBPS. “I feel like I’m going insane. This is fucking crazy,” a customer says at one point in the video. “My god! This is the worst thing I've ever heard of!” another yells. 

The point is, that’s how the internet could work. FCC decided to repeal net neutrality in December, and because of that internet providers can charge customers and companies for faster access to some websites over others. That means if nothing changes we could all be screaming at our computers, just like the customers in this video are screaming for their burgers.

Burger King is one of many corporate voices against the repeal, joining Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, and others. Over a dozen states and senators are also working to bring back net neutrality.

The video ends with a very clear message in support of net neutrality, guiding viewers to Change.org/SavetheNet. "The Burger King brand believes the Internet should be like the Whopper sandwich: the same for everyone."