As the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders spends a lot of her time defending the bizarre, offensive, and—sometimes—hilarious tweets constantly posted by President Donald Trump. Though she doesn’t seem to mind POTUS’ reckless use of the social media platform, she has strong feeling on the way other politicians use it.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sanders got into a mild Twitter argument with Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California). It all started when Lieu replied to a now-deleted tweet from The Hill, which erroneously quoted Sanders as saying: “GOP ‘begged’ Dems to work on tax reform.”

Lieu responded to the headline by writing: “Dear @PressSec: You don't serve in Congress. I do. And I can say with absolute certainty that you are lying.”

Sanders fired back, explaining that The Hill’s tweet was inaccurate and that Lieu would’ve figured that out if he had read the actual story.

“Dear @tedlieu - I don’t serve in Congress, but I can read. If you had read the story, not an incorrect tweet, you would see that what I said was Dems should be begging to help Americans keep more of their money,” she wrote. “You should spend less time tweeting, more time doing your job.”

Give yourself a moment to take in that last sentence. The irony is almost too much to handle.

Lieu admitted he made a mistake on Twitter, while also calling out Sanders’ double standard.

We doubt she’ll accept that dare.