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Thanks to social media, disgusting roommate pranks have pretty much become a new comedy though there are some stunts that are taken too far.

On Wednesday, it was reported that a Tennessee State University student was arrested after she was discovered putting toilet water in her dorm roommate’s water bottle. According to CBS WZTV, the victim told police she began losing weight as well as her appetite earlier this month, but couldn’t find a source for the symptoms … until she checked out her roommate’s Snapchat.

The suspect, Tierni Williams, posted a story in which she is seen using a Styrofoam cup to take water out of a toilet, and then transferring it back to her room to contaminate her roommate’s bottle. Williams was reportedly laughing in the clip and later stated that her roommate was "gonna get sick from this."

Dr. William Schaffner, the Infectious disease director at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told News Channel 5 that the stunt was "more yucky than seriously harmful."

"The toilet water would possibly cause the sort of infection that might cause a diarrhea illness," Dr. Schaffner said. "The water that goes into the toilet is municipal water and is very clean, but the flush doesn't remove absolutely everything and there could be residual bacteria or viruses left in the bowl of the toilet."

Williams was arrested Tuesday and charged with adulteration of food, liquid or pharmaceuticals, bodily injury—a Class C felony that could result in three to six years behind bars.

She has since been released on bond.