Tomi Lahren, a.k.a. Tammy, is no stranger to contradicting herself in publicly painful ways. Just last week, she admitted that she benefits from Obamacare, which she has hated on in the past. Yep, that's the same healthcare system that keeps her healthy enough so she can spend a surprising amount of time and energy openly bashing it. She also tried giving advice about how to keep a job, conveniently forgetting that she had been fired from her own job just weeks before. 

Tammy caught herself in yet another deliciously devastating self-own on Twitter:

With just one simple tweet, Tammy pulls off quite an impressive feat: she offends an entire generation; strangely enough, she offends herself, seeing as she’s quite proud of the fact that she, too, is a millennial; she disregards the accomplishments of the U.S. military; and pisses off most of Twitter. (OK, that last one isn’t hard to do.)

The foundation of her argument—that the skills needed for the military are mirrored 1:1 by someone’s ability to lift a bag into an airplane’s overhead bin—is legitimately hilarious, because it also proves Tammy knows next to nothing about what the military even does, even though she has plenty of opinions on whether transgender people are qualified to serve. 

Thankfully, plenty of people were ready, willing, and able to immediately respond to Tammy on Twitter, and the responses ranged from humorous to more serious, with many pointing out that millions of millennials have served honorably in Afghanistan and Iraq, and her flippant comment disregards the sacrifice they put in to keep people like herself safe. 

After she was successfully roasted, Tammy tweeted again to clear things up. Even though she wishes we could all see that she was joking (duh, couldn’t you tell?), this “explanation” came much too late for anyone to back down.