Tomi Lahren, among other things, doesn't believe that the recent student-led protest during Vice President Mike Pence's attempt at a commencement speech occurred within the confines of the reality we all currently inhabit. Lahren unleashed her theory on Twitter Sunday, linking to—what else?—a fucking Fox News article about Pence's fitting Notre Dame welcome:

There's a lot going on here. First of all, the Pence protest most certainly occurred in the real world. Furthermore, protesting a VP has absolutely nothing to do with obtaining and "holding" a job. Also, as a large sector of the internet immediately reminded Lahren, a splash of self-awareness would have served this tweet well:

Lahren sued TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck in April, alleging that she had been fired in retaliation for her claims of being pro-choice. That suit was later settled, according to the Dallas Morning News.


But back to these tweets:

According to USA Today, Lahren now has a new job with Great America Alliance. As its improbably clunky name suggests, this "alliance" is a nonprofit focused on building grassroots support for that guy who used to be on the Apprentice or whatever.

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