Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren has gone on record multiple times about her disdain for the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which is commonly referred to as “Obamacare.”

“We are one step closer to sending the unaffordable care act to the sewer with the rest of the swamp rats,” Lahren said on a video she posted to Facebook, days before the Senate rejected a scaled-down plan to repeal the American Care Act. “To the bleeding heart Democrats trying to pass this off as a death sentence to Americans, give it a rest. You’re full of crap. And enough with the fake numbers—22 million people aren’t losing healthcare. Actually, millions of people will be able to choose if they want it instead of the almighty Democrats force feeding it to us by government mandate.”

One particular issue with Lahren’s criticism of the ACA is that she apparently is a direct beneficiary of one of its provisions. Under current law, if a person’s insurance covers children, they are allowed to keep their children on their health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old. As it relates to Lahren, this is relevant because she made an interesting admission while debating the ACA with Chelsea Handler at Politicon over the weekend.

“Luckily, I am 24, so I am still on my parents’ plan,” Lahren reportedly said during the debate.

Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, children were cut off from their parent’s insurance plans at age 19 unless they were enrolled in college as full-time students. The fact that Lahren is 24, on her parents’ health insurance, not a college student, and was recently unemployed did not go unnoticed.

In short, Lahren directly benefits from the very law she often harshly criticizes. And those benefits arguably wouldn't have been available to her without the 2010 passage of the ACA.