Here's one more reason to intentionally get yourself fired. Burger King, which still doesn't have a bar for some reason, is stepping up to the plate with free Whoppers for anyone willing to publicly prove they were fired from their job. The fast food brand will offer the free Whoppers as part of a "severance package of sorts," Adweek reported Tuesday.

"We know getting fired sucks, but getting a free Whopper doesn't," the chain's global brand chief, Fernando Machado, explained. "So, to showcase the love for the Whopper, we invited people to 'own their fire' on LinkedIn."

To land a free burger, you—after successfully getting yourself fired from your miserable job—simply have to post "I got fired. I want a free whopper. #WhopperSeverance" on LinkedIn. Then, you'll be hit with a link to register for Burger King's "Whopper severance package." For the first 100 participants who post and register, the Muse is throwing in 30-minute Q&A sessions related to career advice.

To be clear, the offer is open to anyone (18 years of age or older) fired from any position at any company. Presumably, a fired Burger King employee would also be able to partake in this priceless act of flame-grilled generosity.

The alleged king of burgers has even set up an official Whopper severance website that includes a handy "confess on LinkedIn" button, so hop to it.

To recap, the appropriate steps to take here are as follows:

  • Get fired in a spectacular fashion.
  • Get a free Whopper.
  • ???????