In the inaugural episode of Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, NBC News' Megyn Kelly sat down with Russian president and Donald Trump's BFF Vladimir Putin. During their discussion, Kelly attempted to press Putin about the United States' accusation that Russia interfered with last year's presidential election. 

Instead of rejecting the notion that the United States has evidence showing Russia's involvement in the election, Putin took a different approach, arguing that the U.S. is guilty of doing the same thing. "Put your finger anywhere on a map of the world, and everywhere you will hear complaints that American officials are interfering in internal electoral processes," he responded. Putin added that it "wouldn't make sense" for the Russian government to interfere in the election, even though he never seemed to flat-out deny the accusation. 

When asked if he has some sort of relationship on Trump, Putin vehemently denied the idea. "Why, did we have some special relationship with him?" Putin asked, per NBC News. "We didn't have any relationship at all. There was a time when he used to come to Moscow. But you know, I never met with him. We have a lot of Americans who visit us."

As a former KGB recruiter, Putin was unfazed by Kelly's questions, and even taking a bit of a shot at the current state of turmoil going on in the United States since Trump was elected. "Do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something?" he asked. "Have you all lost your senses over there?"