Before I get into this, I want to give you guys enough time to get off your "he's a psychic; he must have seen himself dying" tweets off right now. Ready? Go.

OK good. According to Mirror, this 25-year-old psychic named Theprit Palee was performing a ritual to honor ancestral spirits in Thailand. During said ritual, he tried to prove to them that he was superhuman by pressing a sword into his chest. According to locals, this is a tradition that happens annually, with the sword normally breaking instead of stabbing the person holding it to his chest.

It sounds like Palee realized too late that he wasn't actually a superhuman. The sword pierced his chest and he ended up at the hospital, where he later died. This happened in front of a group of people on the street, who reportedly watched in horror as people tried to revive him before being sent to the hospital.

This is one of those awkward situations where you don't want to stop someone from doing their rituals, but you also don't want to be privy to them killing themselves. Maybe this squad will figure out a way to curb this part of their annual ritual. Not trying to see that.