Australia was bombarded with a tropical cyclone named Debbie this week, which forced thousands of people to be evacuated due to the intense flooding. The Aussie state of Queensland was pounded with 15+ inches of rain, causing some major property damage, and a bunch of homes to lose power. But, if there's a sliver of good news, it's that no serious injuries were reported. At least not of any humans.

What did happen, that most scientists would declare "rather bonkers," was a five-foot long bull shark got chucked onto the mainland just north of where the cyclone made landfall. That shark's dead. You probably knew that. Anyway, go ahead and make some sort of Sharknado reference. Either a joke or a conspiracy theory that this is some sort of viral marketing campaign for Sharknado 5 will work.

As you can see, images were shared of the shark along with warnings not to go back in the water. If you're not in Australia at the moment, however, we wouldn't sweat it too much.

Also, R.I.P. shark.

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